GretchAnya’s Just So You Know OFA Exc

GretchAnya’s Just So You Know
OFA Excellent Hips and Normal Elbows
aka “SuLin” – Chinese for “a little bit of something very cute”


DOB 12.14.08

“SuSu” – shown above at just over 15 months (her 2nd time on a leash) – is a product of her mother’s very last litter, and her father’s first. One of eight pups, she was the best. We weren’t expecting to fall in love with another KK daughter, but SuSu had other plans.

Her nearly perfect proportions and gait – from all sides – caught our attention. She has excellent temperament, similar to her father, CH JD, and a tremendous attitude. She looks much like her mother – very pretty and elegant – but is built like JD, extreme and incredibly correct.
Photos below: SuSu at 6 months; (2) with her sister, Scout (left) lying in the sun, 15 weeks; (3) SuSu playing dress-up with our boys, 8 weeks.

Susu_Scout_032709 SuSu1_puppage

CH GretchAnya’s Jack Daniels Single Barrel OFA H/E BIM Am Sel Exc 5 Can Sel CH Darby-Dan’s Just Jack OFA H/E 3X Sel Exc CH Bill-Mar�s Here Comes Trouble ROM OFA
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SuLin’s siblings, through her dam, KK.


CH Moe OFA EXC, by Sel Exc CH Jamiroquai


Canyon OFA, by Sel Exc CH Jamiroquai (ptd)


Sexy OFA, by Sel CH Darby-Dan’s Just Jack


CH Mandie HIC OFA, by Sel Exc CH Jamiroquai

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