Jack CD TC HIC GSDCA 13 Club Member

GretchAnya’s Take It Like A Man CD TC HIC
GSDCA 13 Club Member

aka “Jack”

July 7, 1998 – May 3, 2011


Jack goes HIM from Novice, May 2000

Jack is Gretchen’ s son, a product of our first breeding. He died the same way he came into this world: In my arms. Never have I met a more gentle soul. He left an oversized hole in my heart.

Jack spends most of his time trying so hard to please me that he doesn’t watch where he is going. He is known at obedience class as the clown because he frequently loses his footing in keeping pace with me. Judges seem to love him because of his obvious eagerness to work and several have commented on it. Though he often sidesteps a jump – or trips over his own front paws – he has a heart of gold.


Precision, precision . . .

Jack finished his CD just one day before Anya finished her CDX.

(Both of them finished with a first place and the same score – 193 1/2.)

We call the two of them the “Dynamic Duo.”


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