Hi Becky!
Hope all is well. I just wanted to give you a quick update on Jackson. He is doing great and growing more handsome everyday. Last month we passed our Canine Good Citizen test, so he is now considered a therapy dog. Right now, we are also taking a tricks class to learn tricks like high five and play dead. He’s growing rapidly and is almost the same size as our lab. We all love him so much and he’s been a great addition to our family.

– Thanks, Jackie

(Hanna x Cain son)

Hi Becky!
Bella is doing great! 46 lbs yesterday. Learning lots of new stuff, making dog friends nicely with my neighbors’ pup. They run and play and get along great. We absolutely love her! Thank you sooooo much. What a smart girl she is, and I get many compliments on how beautiful she is. She is doing well in the crate and potty training as well. Talk to you soon.

– Thanks, John

(Hanna x Cain daughter)

Hi Becky –

Thought you might like to see a picture of Miss Casey. She is the most beautiful Shepherd and very loving to people as well to other dogs. She loves the water and is a very good swimmer. She goes to work with me every day. She has been riding on the snowmobile the past two winters. I take her with me when I go to Pittsburg snowmobiling and she has made friends with the owners at Bear Tree cabins.
I thank you for breeding such a beautiful and loving line of Shepherds. This picture is of her at work with me and she just got done taking a swim in lake Winni. She is very well loved and taken care of. I tell everyone that is looking to get a Shepherd to give you a call.

– Rick

(CH Mattie x Red daughter)

Hi Becky –

Just loving her. She will be 3 years old this week. She is the BEST that’s happened to us!


(FV CH Emmett daughter)

Hi Becky –
You are a great breeder. Zoe is already reading at the fourth-grade level and she is not even a year old yet!

– Peter

(Jenny x CH Sampson daughter)

Hi Becky,
We wanted to let you know that Lucy has settled in to the McIntyre family perfectly! We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for such a wonderfully balanced dog. She is not only beautiful to look out but she has personality plus. She thoroughly enjoys every member of the family but is especially close to our 5-year-old German Shepherd, Maxx. We couldn’t have asked for a better dog! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

– Alan, Chris, and Jackie McIntyre

P.S. We’ve included a couple of pics that we thought you’d enjoy. (The first one is both the dogs looking out onto our backyard closely watching a cat in a neighbor’s yard. The second is beautiful Lucy with her favorite chew toy, “The Kong.”)

(Justine x CH Sampson daughter)

Hi Becky,
This Sunday coming up will complete the first year that we have had with Caesar and we just wanted to let you know how wonderful he is doing. He has grown into such a handsome dog. He is about 85 lbs now and still growing. We put him in training and he attends socialization classes with other Shepherds twice a month. He does great with kids and other dogs, and he loves to play with his tennis balls. We have told everyone we know about GretchAnya and hopefully more people will be coming to adopt your beautiful puppies. I know we cannot wait to get another one soon, so that Caesar will have a friend to play with. I can’t believe that it has been a year already! We thank you again for this wonderful dog and here are some photos so you can see how great he is.

Tiffaney & Kevin

(KK x CH JD son)

Hi Becky,
I hope you are well. Just wanted to say how great Greta is (again). She is the most unbelievable dog – so smart and sweet and has become the whole family’s best friend by far. The kids, who were a little wary of Shepherds before we got her, love nothing more than playing with her and cuddling her. One of the high points of my day is taking her for a long walk at the end of work. She has also acquired a rather large fan base in Arlington.


(Indy x Harry daughter)

Hi Becky,

Attached are a few shots of Harpo’s first day in his new home. His adjustment couldn’t be better. Mandy spent the first two nights sleeping on the floor with him. The third night, those little teeth were too much, so now he sleeps on his bed right next to us, and I get up with him a couple of times during the night to let him outside.

Today, he was introduced to Bugsy’s best friend JJ, a black lab, and they became fast friends. And it appears that Zoey, my daughter’s cat, who has never been around dogs (and has little use for them), is making quite an effort to make a friend of Harpo. We are amazed.

It is quite something to see how fast he develops. Yesterday he would chase and pounce on a tennis ball, but that was it. Today he discovered he could hold it in his mouth and run around, so now begins the time-honored German Shepherd tennis ball obsession.

Harpo is running around and having the greatest of times. He’s a bundle of energy, wants to get into everything, and is working those sharp little teeth like there’s no tomorrow. In short, he’s the perfect German Shepherd pup – absolutely full of life.

He’s a real character, and we couldn’t possibly love him any more. We’ll keep you posted as he grows up.

– Jim

Update 11/24/09
Hello Becky,
Harpo is growing up. I have 5 pictures I’m sending . . . We actually have hundreds, as we photograph him every weekend. We’ll have a complete photographic history of his progress all the way.
He’s doing great, and we have a real team effort going here. This dog is not lacking for attention, and he gets all the patience he needs, and that’s a whole lot. He is one spirited dog, with an amazingly stable temperament. He is typically cautious, as a Shepherd should be, but nothing panics him. We have a lot of loud machinery in our business, but it doesn’t phase him in the least. And he is the friendliest dog possible. He loves every person he meets. I couldn’t have asked for more.
– Jim

(Indy x Harry son)

Hi Becky,
Just wanted to let you know that everything is going great with Koa. Her first night away from her littermates was a little trying – I’m running on about 3 hrs of sleep right now 😉
She’s quickly learning where her pee/poop spot is, and we’ve only had one accident inside which was when she initially got here. She has also already learned to climb up the stairs to the front porch (she’s working on going back down, and is discovering sliding may not be the best method, hehe). She loves bounding in the high grass, and was introduced to a garter snake just a few min ago (she was like, ‘eh?’ not interested’). She loves her crate, and stores her toys in it.
I’m beginning to think that Koa has decided to skip the whole fear stage 😉 She’s curious about everything and everyone, and is very friendly. She’ll do her lil ‘scope you out’ thing for a couple minutes and then shows no fear whatsoever.
Koa is the perfect little German Shepherd, and I think we made the right choice as far as her personality and temperament goes. We’re very happy with her and we’re looking forward to watching her grow and develop. Thank you very much for allowing us to have Koa in our lives, and we’ll keep you updated on her progress.

– Keith

(Indy x Harry daughter)

Hi Becky,
I just want to say thank you so much for our new little girl! She is the best thing in the world. . . I just can t believe the amount of love I have for her in just 2 days. She will be well taken care of, believe me! Rick took today off work to spend bonding time with his new little girl. She already loves us, I can tell. Here are just a few photos of Casey s first 2 days. My camera is always ready for action. Thanks again to you & your family Becky.

– Take care, Felicia (Casey s new Mom!)

(CH Mattie x Red daughter)

Hello Becky,
Just a quick note to let you see your gorgeous, thoughtful, sweet, protective, ball-chasing, possum-cornering, discerning GSD. We cannot go anywhere without at least three people stopping us to tell us how beautiful she is. And, if she chooses, she will allow them to put their hands out to sniff otherwise, she chooses to not deal with them and goes on her way. Fabulous dog!!!! Thank you so much. We hope this finds you well.

Our Best,
Donna, Jacques and Vicky

(KK x CH Jamiroquai daughter; littermate to CH Moe and CH Mandie)

Hi Becky,

Elan is great. He really is such a smart pup. He knows sit, paw, come, and we are at a good distance with stay. He is always in a good mood and as you know always wants a belly rub! Our relationship is developing into a great friendship between he and I. As you know he adores Beth. He sleeps through the night with no problem and is willing to do anything that involves us. Yesterday we went walking in the state park with him and then took him to pick pumpkins at a local farm. He had a blast. He is eating his food like a mad man as soon as Beth or I put it down; it’s kind of funny how wild he goes for it.

All is well on Elan’s front and ours. Hope everything is well with you.


(CH Mattie x Red son))

Hi Becky!
I just wanted to give you some compliments which came from my obedience instructor, who is also my sometime agility instructor, and one of my dog mentors. She has a lot of experience with many breeds, including shepherds, and I have never – in the several years I have taken lessons from her – seen her gush over GSDs. Well, that seems to have changed a little. First, she held him while in class a month ago and gave him a huge hug, which he returned with wet, sloppy kisses to her face – not something I have observed her allow before.
Then, she wanted your name as a potential contact for a client wanting a GSD. And then, she told another client that if she was to get another GSDm to get one like Tanner. And most recently, she said she “just loved Tanner.” Now, my instructor has always been unbiased when working with a variety of dogs in the class, but I always suspected she didn’t actually like GSDs (perhaps I was wrong). So these recent events have meant a lot to me and I thought you would like to hear them, too.
I would also like to add that my instructor and another one of my teachers never worried about Tanner’s conformation, movement or soundness. Clearly, she would not have asked for your information if she thought Tanner was not healthy. Meanwhile, he has gotten more coordinated, more handsome, and more
Thank you!!

(Jenny x CH Sampson son)

Hi Becky:

Thought you’d be interested in seeing how Frank has grown over the past month. He has his blocky German head and his ears are slowly starting to come up. I think they are slow because they are so big.

He is learning not to bite and not to pull on the leash. When he starts to pull, I just turn into a wooden post and let him have his tantrum, then he’ll sit and we’ll start walking again. He has outgrown his pet carrier that he sleeps in at night (in the bedroom), so we got him a large portable kennel that he’ll sleep in starting tonight.

For food, he’s eating Eagle Pack, and he gets raw beef, chicken, or pork with each meal. Also, a couple of eggs per week and a little olive oil in some of his meals. For treats, he gets the regular cookies and freeze-dried liver, but also enjoys a frozen dollop of canned pumpkin each afternoon, plenty of ice cubes, marrow bones, and he enjoys frozen carrot pieces.

One interesting thing is that he’s fascinated by cars and trucks coming up and down the road. When he hears one coming, he’ll sit and watch intently. He also loves to go for rides. He is a lot of work and he has to be watched like a hawk, but he makes us happy. I’ve lost 10 pounds since getting him. Thanks for breeding such a nice healthy guy.


(Jenny x CH Sampson son)

Hi Becky –
Here are some of the latest. He only has one more puppy class left, we are going to have a class photo that I will forward to you. He has two weeks off, then he and I start Beg.1 Agility. I can’t wait to see him do his thing. He will look beautiful when he gets it down. He is starting to gain some speed when he runs as he has a lot of legs to grow into.
He and I have been spending a lot of time together and are working on a great bond. I just love him to death and can’t thank you enough for breeding such a beautiful animal. He is extremely smart, social with people, and is well-tempered. Everyone is so surprised by his age, based on his size and mannerism.
Talk to you soon.

(CH Gemini x Sel CH Jack son; littermate to JD)

Thought I would write and give you a little update on Sophie. She is doing real well. She is growing like a pup should. Sophie is used to her routines now, and really loves after dinners play time. We all sit on the kitchen floor and play toys with her. This is a time where we are teaching the no biting, and Sophie sit, etc. She is very responsive to this. She heads right to the kitchen after dinner. :} She will be starting puppy Kindergarten in two weeks. A very smart pup!!

You have gotten many compliments on the shepherds you have bred. People always speak of how beautiful she is. We always let them know who her breeder was and how and why we feel good about picking you as a place for getting a perfect German Shepherd. They are quite pleased to know that there is a breeder around who is like this, if you like I will pass on the name of your site on the computer when they ask. I will try to send a couple of pictures as soon as I down load.
Tell everyone we said hello.

Marguerite and family

(CH Gemini x Sel CH Jack daughter; littermate to JD)

Hi Becky,
Sorry that we have not been in touch. I really did not want to bug you and where I have had dogs before, we have been progressing quite well. We have yet to get ourselves into any trouble! He is a real good boy. We think he is doing fantastic! He is a sweet pup, no doubt.

He is a terrific dog and we are all very happy to have him as a part of our family. Thank you for that, as we all enjoy him. We take him for his daily walks which he loves. He is very good at walking and, a few times when I walk him alone, I rely on him to pull me up a few hills (alright, well, help me up a few hills), as we go for what I refer to as “the pull!” He sleeps by my bed every night and he follows me everywhere. My son, Connor, is not pleased he sleeps next to my bed as he would prefer him to sleep in his room.

I think he has adapted well but I do think he misses all of his friends that he plays with. We have been talking about possibly another pup to give him someone to play with and so he can get more exercise. He does love the air conditioner after a long walk on a hot day. He drinks water along the way during his walks, from the bottle which he must of learned to do while he was being shown.
Thank you Becky for a wonderful addition to our family we all love him very much!
I hope all is well with you and your family!

Best Regards,

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